Suzy’s Shelf-Talker: ‘A Few Days in the Country,’ Elizabeth Harrower

few days

In recent years there has been a renaissance for Elizabeth Harrower’s writing. The test of time is re-defining her stature on the Australian literary landscape. A Few Days in the Country brings together for the first time Elizabeth Harrower’s stories published in Australian journals in the 1960s and 1970s, along with those from her archives—including ‘Alice’, published for the first time earlier this year in the New Yorker.

Elizabeth Harrower has an uncanny insight into the psychology of the human condition. Her economy of words and spirit, her reserve and restraint, her magpie’s eye for the minutiae of life are devastatingly acerbic and refreshing, at the same time. The plot never takes control of Harrower’s writing and her endings will be sure to be both surprising and believable. This handsome edition is the perfect place to start reading Harrower’s work.

-Suzy Wilson


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