Alex’s Shelf-Talker: The Promise Seed

promise seed

A poignant and touching story from a local author, The Promise Seed is set in Ipswich and Brisbane and opens on a young boy being accused by his mother of the murder of his infant sister. He is taken to a home for wayward boys where he spends the rest of his youth paying for a crime he didn’t commit. Now seventy years later, the demons of his past continue to haunt him.

Next door, a ten year old boy continues to battle demons in the present, struggling to afford breakfast and running from a mother that has continually betrayed him. The two strike up an unlikely friendship, seeing that their stories are not dissimilar, and bond sharing a love of gardening. However the boy’s loyalties are tested and he must choose between his disloyal mother and a kind stranger tormented by his past.

The elegance of its prose makes it both easy and enjoyable to read. At some times similar to Helen Garner and at others Jonathan Franzen, this is a deeply enthralling read.


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