Ralph’s Shelf-Talker: “Gut” by Giulia Enders


We all know about YouTube and wasting hours gazing into its shallows, but what about Your Tube? A far more important tube than the pixelated human buffet on our devices. I speak of the meandering wonder that begins in an opening right under your very nose and wanders through your torso to emerge six or seven meters later at our bottoms. This intriguing food highway is your gut.
The goings-on in this wonder of fleshy plumbing have more effect on our well-being than any other system in our complex bodies so we should all know about it and now there is a very pleasant way to do that. Giulia Enders’ book “Gut” is an entertaining, frank and information rich look at our most vital organ.  Please read it. ( Visiting the toilet will become far more meaningful.)

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